5 Traits That Lead To Motivational-Speaker-Success

motivational-speakerAny conference or sales meeting organizer will tell you that the success of a well-organized corporate event is hinged on the choice of the perfect motivational speaker. We at Motivational-Speaker-Success share this belief and have focused our training with that result in mind.

We believe that choosing the right motivational speaker to kick off or wrap up an event, so that it begins or ends in a positive and high note, is possibly the most important decision any corporate event organizer can make.

If you are in the process of organizing a large corporate event that guarantee motivation and success, someone who can get the crowd in the right spirit to participate and engage the topics of the day, then you have two possible course of action:

  1. Get in touch with us at Motivational-Speaker-Success and we will recommend the best motivational speaker that will be a perfect fit for your corporate event.
  2. Or you can look for a motivational speaker on your own.

If you choose option 2, we suggest to shortlist your choice based on these 5 key traits that lead to motivational success:

  1. Inspiring.

By virtue of his or her character or achievements in life, a great public speaker is able to inspire people in very many ways. When people listen and watch an effective motivational speaker speak, the gravity of their words is influenced by the listeners understanding of who they are as a professional, an expert and a person. The speakers we have here understand this truism about their profession, that the medium is the message. Who they are is as much a source of inspiration as the message they are sharing with the audience.

  1. Specific & detailed.

The ability to get into specifics about the topic by providing detailed, nuanced information using data and numbers leads to both motivation and success. We at www.motivational-Speaker-Success.com understand that unless we speak the particular language of the company it would be impossible to connect with the audience. Great motivational speakers make it a point to be very specific and detailed about the topic they are talking about.

  1. Authentic.

The best motivational speakers respect their audience. They begin with the premise that the audience is intelligent and will be able to see through a lack of authenticity in a motivational speaker. Authenticity is the ability to look and sound real in front of a crowd. One of the most valuable traits of a public speaker. Authenticity draws the audience in. It makes them want to listen to what the person in front of them has to say. Authenticity also means the audience understands the speaker. That he or she is genuinely interested in making a positive contribution to their professional & personal well- being.

  1. Sense of Humor.

There isn’t anything like a person who can make people laugh. Someone who can warm up the crowd and transform an hour long talk into a positive & memorable experience. This is the reason we at Motivational-Speaker-Success encourage all our speakers to develop a funny bone because not everyone has a sense of humor. It is a big plus if a motivational speaker is naturally funny. Like authenticity, it draws the crowd in and keeps them glued to every word the speaker has to say. A sense of humor endears a speaker to the crowd making them more open to his message.

  1. Reach.

Motivational SpeakersPossibly the most important trait of a great motivational speaker is reach. All speakers at Motivational-Speaker-Success aim to develop this skill. It is the ability of their presentation to be relevant beyond the hour they are given to share it with the audience. A motivational speaker has reach when the audience is able to look back to what he or she had to say hours, days, even months after the event. And not only are they able to look back, the audience member, is still able to find grains or nuggets of wisdom from the talk. That is reach. The ability of a motivational speaker to touch an audience and make their message resonate to their core.

The best way to choose the perfect motivational speaker for your event is to attend one of their speaking engagements. Watch them in action and while doing so ask if the speaker has reach, a sense of humor, looks & sounds authentic, is able to speak about details, and can inspire the audience in a positive way. If he or she does then you have a winner.

PCB Assembly Design Guidelines

Before you go and work on your PCB assembly, you have to keep in mind that there are certain guidelines that you must adhere to in order for it to work properly.

Here are those guidelines:
Pad Design and Solder Masking

The PCB Assembly’s Solder Pad should by no means be larger than the solder mask so that optimal strength can be expected. There should be a 1:1 ratio for the pad and the mask.

You will need non-solder masks because it has been determined that these masks have copper-etching capabilities that make the PCB even more effective. They are also able to make the solder pad more reliable and are able to give it a longer life.

Guidelines for Board Mounting

As this process deals with stencil design of the PCB Assembly, it is important that you give utmost care and attention to it. Use only stainless steel stencils that are metal squeegees and with a thickness of 0.10 to 0.20 millimeters. However, if you are going to use polymer squeegees, make sure that you use at least 90 durometer minimum.

PCBAssembly Electro-polished and laser-cut stencils are a must. This is because polishing the stencils makes them smoother and therefore, make them easier to attach. It is also recommended that you use tapers with bottoms of 25 to 50 microns so that paste can be easily released. Do not exceed an aspect of 1.5 and a ratio of 0.66 to maintain proper stencil design.

Use type 3 or 4 solder paste in mounting the assembly. It would also be helpful if you use Nitrogen Purge so that gasses would easily reflow around the system and so that there would be less risk of voiding the solder joints. You should also ensure that there is enough time for gasses to escape from the molten solder.

Peak temperature and profile of reflow also have strong influences on void formation. It would be better if you follow the recommendation of paste makers on the packages.

Design and Trace

You have to use the dog-bone style pad with a pitch of 0.8 or 0.5 millimeters so the pitch could easily land on the pad. Take note that the holes need tenting so you have to leave a space with a width of 0.075 millimeters in order for dimensions to be detailed and so that there would be proper PCB breakout.

Guidelines for Rework

PCB Assembly Retouch is limited because the solder joints are not fully exposed. If you see any defects, you have to remove the whole package and assemble it again. This might be a challenge as PCB assembly parts are quite small but with the right guidelines in mind, you will be able to do a fine job.

In order to make sure that you get to place those parts the right way, you have to check if the PCB is dry. If it is, you are on the right track. Next, you should work on the solder joints and place it on the PCB. Heat the board from the side convector to easily remove the parts and be able to place them again.

Clean the site so it will be easier for you to work. Use a soldering blade and a conductive tool to do the cleaning. You should now be able to do solder-pasting again by using a miniature stencil. You can also use the mini stencil to print the paste.

Attachment and Placement

Lastly, perform alignment with the help of 50x by 100x magnification so the placement machine would easily understand what you are doing. Use the reflow profile to easily attach the PCB assembly parts and so that the need for thermocouple feedback will be lessened or eliminated. This will also help reduce dependency on operators.

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Signs That You May Need To Sell Your Jewelry Now

Pawn Shop Everyone at one point has to consider selling some things in their home. That’s why every summer there’s a lot of garage sales, yard sales, and people selling their items through auction websites. You may want to do this, and you can garner a great deal of money. However, what if you have precious items that you don’t’ want to sell through auctions or smaller solution. What if you have precious metals? Do you want to sell for less? Or do you want to get the best price? If you want to get the best prices, then you will want to pursue options like cash4jewelrynow.

This will help you gain the upper hand, and get a lot of money. But how do you know that it’s time to sell? How do you know what company to work with? Here are a few things that may help you make the final decision on whether it’s time to sell your precious jewelry and more.

You Haven’t Worn Things In A While

When is the last time you wore a diamond necklace? What about that old ring that you were given for an engagement present? Chances are you have a lot of precious metal items that you are not wearing at all. If you aren’t wearing things, and they are collecting dust, why do you have them in place? You’re going to want to sell them, instead of having them collect dust and diminish in value. Why not sell your items to a reputable source like, cash4jewelrynow, and go on a great vacation? That’s something that could very well change the way that you see your metals, and more. Right now there’s a high demand for precious metals, and you could very well get a helping hand in cashing in. Get top dollar, and go on a vacation, etc.

You Have Broken Up or Are Divorced

PawnIf you have ever got stuck in a relationship that didn’t end up going where you thought, and you kept jewelry, maybe it’s time to give it up. Seriously, why keep bad memories in a drawer? Why leave things left without some sort of closure? If the relationship you once had ended, but you still have precious metal jewelry, it’s time to give it up. Don’t throw it away, don’t just give it to someone, instead, look for a good pawn option like cash4jewelrynow, and sell it. Y

ou could get top dollar for this, and end up with a positive solution moving forward. Imagine the money you could get with just one diamond ring. You could get thousands, and that could pay for a trip around the world, or perhaps just a Disneyworld vacation. Either way, you could spend it on yourself and forget about the relationship that went sour long ago. There’s always going to be hardships in life, and if you had a broken heart before, perhaps the best revenge is to sell your items for money.

No Reason To Keep Items

Truth be told, you may not have a need for items that you have in your home. If you don’t have a need for them, why not just sell them? You could get a loan, use that to pay off car payments or something else. Or perhaps you just want to get rid of things, which can yield you a great deal of money outright as well. No matter what the case may be, you may find that there’s a great opportunity to find a little money for your broken, unwanted, and unused jewelry. With online digital pawn solutions, you can get paid a lot for items you just aren’t using, which is a grand thing.


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Men’s Quick Guide for Golf style

The last thing a golf player wants is to lose. The second last thing a golf player wants is to be judged badly because of his attire. Aside from the essentials of good golf shirts, that is, being breathable, lightweight and fast-drying, allowing the player to freely move and having a good fit, some things are worth more than the basics.

It may be a common knowledge that loose clothes are comfortable. When dressing for playing golf, that isn’t always the rule. The sleeves of good golf shirts or polo shirts should extend only three-fourths down the shoulder and it should not cover the elbows. This would lessen the friction that comes when raising your arms for a swing. Avoid baggy golf shirts that extend up to the elbow. Over sized shirts won’t let you move freely. It will only get in your way.The phrase “polo shirt” is used in this paragraph for a reason. Most country clubs expects its clients and regulars to adhere to proper attire, which means a golf shirt with a collar.

When it comes to getting dressed for golf, less is more. Avoid anything flamboyant. Avoid statement t-shirts (they don’t even have a collar in the first place) and shirts that are meant for other sports (yes, that soccer shirt with your team number and surname on it). Tuck the ends of the polo shirt underneath your trousers, khakis or shorts. They may look chill and laid back on casual days but apart from your point of view, they look sloppy on the golf course. Another one that looks sloppy on the golf course is cargo shorts. In some country clubs, cargo shorts and pants are banned. Speaking of khakis, those are the classic golf staples every golf player should have. They match perfectly with any golf shirt you decide to wear.

Just because collars are required by country clubs doesn’t mean you have to tinker with it. Just let it be a collar. Don’t raise it or play with it to create a statement. If you really want to create a statement, you can select a belt that compliments your top. For example, a forest green top can be worn with an orange belt or a red top with a dark green belt. But this approach can be tricky to work with and works for certain body types only.


If you’re a big man, it is best to match the color of your belt to the color of your trousers, not your golf shirt. That way it attracts less attention on that area, making your waistline unnoticed. Also, don’t wear golf shirts dancing with patterns and designs. Keep it plain, comfortable and structured. Remember the rule about sleeves on this one. If you’re a lean and fit man with a waistline below 34 inches, then you can safely pull off a belt that contrasts your trousers i.e. dark trousers, white belt, white trousers, brown or black belt. Another tip: always wear a belt when your polo shirt is going to be tucked in. Empty belt loops do not look proper.

If you’re wearing trousers, make sure that they aren’t too long. How long is long enough? They shouldn’t touch the ground or collect on your ankles. The bottom of your trousers should be long enough just to touch the top of your golf shoes. When you prefer to wear shorts, there are restrictions. Shorts should end right on top of your kneecaps. If they are too long, they will look unkempt; too short would look obscene.

If you decide to go for a bold-colored shirt, keep your pants simple. This also applies the other way around.

How Constellation Mag offers readers a fresh and informative experience


Constellation Mag is an entertainment magazine dedicated to bringing you the latest, hottest, and freshestupdates in entertainment. Whether it’s celebrity speculation, Hollywood buzz, or current events, Constellation Mag has got all the up-to-the-minute details. With each piece we feature, Constellation Mag offers readers a fresh and informative experience that isservice-driven, engaging, and – most of all – fun!



Something for everyone

Our goal is to produce an entertaining, fully-interactive online magazine that has a little something for anyone and everyone. We’ve got celebrityupdates, movie releases, and film feature reviews fresh from Hollywood for the movie buff and die-hard celeb follower. For the more fashion-forward readers, we include the what’s-hot-what’s-not clothing styles for the season, plus the coolest makeup tips and beauty hacks from professional makeup artists and established beauty gurus!

You can find reviews, walkthroughs, and sneak-peeks for the newest games and apps releases in our Technology and Digital Media sections.There’s also a Health section featuring tasty recipes that are both easy to followand good for you, the latest medical research and findings, top tips to staying fit, and so much more.For active news seekers and casual readers alike, we feature human interest stories and current events as well.

Into music? We also publish the latest album releases and upcoming tours of all your favorite musicians. You can even read up on fresh, new bands and solo artists that are poised to dominate the music scene. And all the foodies out there – we haven’t forgotten about you! We feature restaurants and eateries that’s got the world abuzz, along with promising chefs you’ve got to watch out for and dessert dishes that are an absolute must-try!

Whether you’re into movies, celebrities, fashion, games, current events, arts and digital media, Constellation Mag is sure to have pieces that are right up your alley.


We aim to deliver news, trends, current events, and human interest stories in a way that is both highly informative and highly entertaining.

We realize that it’s sometimes quite difficult to present solid facts while still maintaining an amusing or entertaining tone – especially if the topic in question is of a delicate or serious nature. That said, Constellation Mag is committed to a culture of light-hearted, casual presentation – without undermining the significance of the issue. We’re here to give you the what’s-what of different topics, and we do so with integrity. We strike the balance between professional journalism and creative, witty, and entertaining news writing.

Set It Straight

That said, we strive to make sure that every piece of news we feature is as accurate as possible. Constellation Mag refuses to warp the reader’s opinion by publishing false information and proclaiming it solid, factual news. We are committed to setting realistic expectations for our readers.

If the storyis built on gossip and hearsay, we make sure it’s clearly stated as so before the actual feature. If there are stories with areas that are purely speculation of the public, we mention this as well. We refuse to sacrifice integrity for a good story. All facts are checked out, all stories are proof-read, and we make sure every possible piece of information has been gathered to provide credible backing before publishing the feature.

Fresh. Updated. Detailed

Constellation Mag is a beautiful blend of instant news, entertainment, and detail. We are all for condensing information into bite-sized updates that are quick and easy to digest, but we want our readers to always have the option of knowing more. We present our features in headlines and captions that best summarize the situation, and we give readers the chance to either click to expand or simply scroll and move on.

We also play no favorites. We make sure that all our sections – Music, Celebrity, Film, Health, Fashion, Beauty, and so on – are updated equally. You won’t find week-old articles in the Art section while the Fashion section shows updates every two hours. Fresh is always best, regardless of sector, and we are dedicated to bringing you nothing but the latest in every category.

Constellation Mag is a team of dedicated researchers, writers, and editors that are one hundred percent committed to journalistic excellence and integrity. You know you can turn to Constellation Mag for news that is both fresh and entertaining.